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Whether it is new schools, nursing homes, Government or Commercial building projects, our clients entrust us to answers the tough questions and help guide them to make the best decisions and deliver the projects that will build on their futures.

Current Projects

Schools and Community Precincts

WP Contractors have multiple projects on the go, whether it would be in the pipeline in estimating, project planning stage, civil works and ground preparations or construction and fit out stages.  Our Quality Assurance Certified Management Systems means our Project Management Teams are well organised and professionally experienced in handling a number of  civil constructions at any one time.

This is a list of our current projects in various stages of progress.
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Scope of Works


Mount Macedon CFA

 Construction of new Fire Station

CFA Victoria Central Highlands Training Campus

Construction of new Fire Training Facilities

Plenty CFA

Construction of new Fire Station

Sirius College Meadow Fair Campus

Construction of new Campus buildings

Ballan Recreational Reserve,
Ballan, VIC 3342

Construction new Community Recreation Facilities

JJ Clancy Integrated Community Facility Recreation Hub, Kilmore VIC 3764

Construction new Community Recreation Facilities

Marie Williams Kilmore Family and Children’s Centre, Kilmore VIC 3764

Expansion of Kilmore’s Family and Children’s Centre

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